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Face meaning in hindi

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As noun : अँग अंकित मूल्य अक्षर आकृति अक्षरशैली अग्र भाग अग्रभाग अतिप्रसंग अधरांगा अनुहारि अभ्यासादन अवकर्त अवनीतल आच्छादित करना आदरभाव आनर आबखुर्द इज्ज़त उजम्मत उपाचिति उर्वीतल ऊपरी भाग करामत का़लर कफ लगाना कृंतत्र क्षितितल खाँडा़ खुंट खुंट गणता गिट्ट गूला घनवर घनोत्तम घुमना घुमाना घृष्णत्व घोटाघौवा चुब्र चेहरा चेहरारूप छोर जबानदराजी जिलवा झंपना टाइपफेस टोँका डटकर सामना करना डायल ढिग ढिठपन ढोठिपन तल तार्तीय ताश के पत्ते का अंकित भाग दुछोल देहकोष द्विसप्ताह धरातल धार्ष्ट धृष्टता धृष्णता नड्वाभू नषाना निपाख नुक्कड पक्ष पक्षद्वय पच्छ पतपानी परतिसठा पहलू पृष्ठ पोँटा प्रतिष्ठा प्रत्यक्ष मूल्य फलक फृष्ठ फेस बाहरि भाग बाह्य अर्थ भाग भागहार भित्त भौँराना भौमा मढवा देना मानमान्यता मुंह फेरना मुख या चेहरा मुखमंडल मुखविकृति मुखाकृति मुठभेड करना मुठभेड़ करना मुढना मुरकाना मू मूँदना रूपचित्र वकअत वकार वखरुह वसुधातल वस्त्राचल, वस्त्रांत विपुन वीरवाद वोर व्यायुक व्यावृति शिक शोखी शोर्ष संछादन संप्रवर्त्तन सतल सामना करना सामना होना या करना सामने होना सियादत सीरा सूरत हँड़ाना हँढ़ावना हाइभाइ हाय भाय हावभाव हिस्सा बखरा हीनपक्ष
Usage of Face: 1: A face black with fury 2: he washed his face 3: The advent of the Mughals into India changed the face of India. 4: an animated and expressive face 5: He is gazing with rapture at the face of his beloved. 6: The changing face of our society is the outcome of blindly followong the western culture.. 7: his face has many lines 8: The proposal mooted by the government is flying in the face of all established norms. 9: She assumed a happy look on her face 10: She covered her face with her hands.
Face ki paribhasha : mitti ka saaancha jisamen kada, pachhua ityaadi dhaalate hain keval lnbaayi chaudai ka gunanaphal jisamen motaayi motaayi gaharaayi ya ooanchaayi ka kuchh bhi vichaar na kiya jaay vah sthaan jo kisi vastu ke niche padta ho kisi sthaan va padaarth ke ve donon chhor ya kinaare jo agale aur pichhale se bhinn hon sharir men kaaankh ke niche vah sthaan jahaaan pasaliyaaan hoti hain ek prakaar jaharila paudha jo dakshin himaa- laya, aasaama, baramaa, lnkaa, peraak aur jaava men hota hai khaat ki bunan jisapar log letate hain chaarapaayi ka vah bhaag jidhar letane men sir rahata hai kisi vastu ka vah kinaara jahaaan usaki lnbaayi ka ant hota ho sharir ka vah oopari gol aur agala bhaag jisamen muanha, aaankha, maathaa, naak aadi sammilit hai

Face synonyms
light top mask surface air aspect visage show kisser disguise semblance features simulacrum facet dial silhouette glower clock obverse frontispiece mug seeming presentation scowl profile map frown frontal showing makeup countenance frontage physiognomy pout appearance cast grimace smirk display lineaments cheek presumption confidence boldness impertinence cover cloak audacity gall faã§ade brass chutzpah veil impudence effrontery false front facade image standing dignity self-respect reputation prestige honor social position risk confront challenge experience fight oppose take allow meet suffer encounter endure withstand brave resist accost abide contend court brook cross submit sustain brace beard stomach defy dare affront tolerate venture swallow take it take on tell off deal with run into eyeball be confronted by bit the bullet cope with fly in face of go up against grapple with make a stand square off take the bull by the horns watch stare glare overlook gaze border be turned toward front onto redecorate clad level smooth coat plaster overlay remodel veneer skin polish dress side sheathe refinish shingle
Face antonyms
reality grin back behind rear personality hiding smile character humility fear manners modesty shyness truth carefulness caution lowliness ill repute surrender aid assist refuse reject avoid discontinue dodge disallow hide evade ignore shun resist give in disapprove veto retreat yield support help hold keep give up leave stop halt run withdraw wrinkle uncover strip roughen reveal lay bare 
Usage of Face in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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