Fail meaning in hindi | Fail ka matlab 

Fail meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Fail 
Usage of Fail: 1: People in the higher echelon of the society often fail to understand the problems of a commoner. 2: Sending man to moon was considered as a screwy idea before hundred years.
Mostly people fail in their mission if their leader is screwy.
3: You will fail unless you work hard. 4: I hope I do not fail in math . 5: Our business is about to fail . 6: To fail would have been to break the faith". 7: They sprung an ambush on Pondi only to fail again. 8: His robust health began to slowly fail in the late 1960s 9: At times when and where most other crops would fail 10: We fail to attain pleasures if we deliberately seek them.
Fail ki paribhasha : yuddh men pratidbndbi ko hataana .... udta hua ya udnevaala paani ya aur kisi drav padaarth ka niche ki or sarak jaana

Fail synonyms
decline fall founder flounder flop blunder fold abort fizzle slip miscarry miss backslide deteriorate go down break down back wrong horse be defeated be demoted be found lacking be in vain be ruined come to naught come to nothing fall flat fall short fall through go astray go down swinging go downhill go up in smoke go wrong hit bottom hit the skids lose control lose out lose status meet with disaster miss the boat play into run aground turn out badly ignore neglect omit forget slight fault overlook blink discount disregard disappoint desert funk back out let down overpass break one's word close drop finish end crash default terminate dishonor repudiate go under defalcate overdraw be cleaned out be in arrears be taken to the cleaners become insolvent close down drop a bundle go bankrupt go belly up go broke go bust go into chapter 11 go out of business go to the wall lose big close one's doors lose one's shirt
Fail antonyms
ascend accomplish achieve gain merit obtain prosper capture complete procure rise go up succeed do well correct build develop earn reach win deliver finish remember respect attend regard pay attention commence create begin continue start bear 
Usage of Fail in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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