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How to pronounce Fall in with
As noun : अंतभवि Ex:  We had to fall in with her wishes . राजी हो जाना शामिल होना संयोगवश भेंट होना
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Fall in with synonyms
concur accord square concert fit consort attune tally concord correspond synchronize equal click answer cohere jibe suit harmonize coincide blend parallel match be in harmony get along with go hand in hand go together go well with coordinate reconcile yield accommodate integrate tailor comply obey proportion mind keep observe follow toe the line tailor-make be guided by clean up act follow beaten path follow the crowd go by the book go with the flow make room meet halfway move over play the game reconciliate roll with punches run with the pack shape up straighten up don't make waves don't rock the boat detect confront turn up experience face bump into bear come across suffer come upon espy sustain descry close undergo run into alight upon chance upon cross the path hit upon meet up with rub eyeballs run across run smack into locate unearth notice spot discover identify strike uncover recover sight recognize expose perceive corral distinguish discern collar pinpoint bring to light come up with ferret out make out arrive at dig up happen upon lay fingers on scare up smoke out stumble upon track down trip on hobnob rub elbows with be friendly be sociable with club together consort with go around with hang out with keep company with make friends mingle with mix with rub shoulders with socialize with abide by cooperate heed adjust to judge from take as guide be of one mind be on the same wavelength cotton to get along well see eye to eye take to enlist enter align enroll side with associate with come aboard pair with plug into sign on sign up take part in take up with team up with throw in with tie up with clash greet contact engage affront collide accost grapple wrestle salute tussle luck get together brush against chance on come up against make a meet meet face to face rendezvous with run up against touch shoulders check chime consist comport with
Fall in with antonyms
refuse contradict dispute dissent protest differ question disagree divide separate clash diverge contend decline oppose deny prevent reject disobey disregard ignore neglect forget fight mismatch not correspond pass by avoid dodge evade retreat surrender miss lose run away let go yield misunderstand forfeit leave overlook fail fall short shun disjoin resign stop withdraw release disconnect cancel
Usage of Fall in with in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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