Fantastic meaning in hindi | Fantastic ka matlab 

Fantastic meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Fantastic 
Usage of Fantastic: 1: I have got a fantastic idea. 2: "I have heard Clay speak and many fantastic men 3: The fantastic costumes are changed several times throughout the program 4: His fantastic solitary exploits 5: After this fantastic journey 6: Although the Mothers of Invention had fantastic success in Europe and England 7: World War II acts as the grounding for Orwell's more fantastic elements. 8: He also disliked the fantastic direction in which the series was headed 9: A fantastic being 10: It also said the Gnomes, sylphs, water sprites and the other fantastic characters, found in folklore and fairy tales
Fantastic ki paribhasha : jaisa man men aave, vaisa karanevaala jisamen koi vishesh lakshan ya chihn na ho jon aadami apani dhun ke aage kisi ki na sune jo badi sajaavat aur taiyaari ke saath ho jisaka doosara daavedaar na ho vismayapurn ghatanaa, padaarth ya vastu

Fantastic synonyms
insane imaginative unbelievable singular incredible ludicrous grotesque crazy unreal preposterous outlandish ridiculous fanciful absurd implausible weird odd exotic artificial capricious chimerical comical eccentric erratic extravagant extreme far-fetched foolish foreign freakish illusive irrational mad misleading nonsensical out of sight peculiar quaint queer unlikely wacky whimsical fictional hallucinatory suppositious phantasmagorical tremendous huge great overwhelming humongous massive monstrous monumental prodigious severe stupendous towering cracking sensational first-rate awesome superb marvelous delicious best far out first-class out of this world a-1 best ever like wow primo cat's meow
Fantastic antonyms
rational sane unimaginative believable credible plausible real usual logical sensible commonplace customary tiny unpleasant balanced reasonable normal ordinary regular realistic familiar serious conventional plain little small bad poor insignificant unimportant miniature minute inferior unamazing 
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The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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