Favor meaning in hindi | Favor ka matlab 

Favor meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Favor 
Usage of Favor: 1: the outcome was in his favor 2: there were only 17 votes in favor of the motion 3: the solidity of the evidence worked in his favor 4: She begged a favor of Max . 5: The lawyer tried to curry favor with the judge . 6: I decided in favor of the red one . 7: Saving money has lost favor with most people . 8: The battle had firmly turned to France's favor but it was far from over. 9: Lee abandoned thoughts of a film career in favor of pursuing martial arts. 10: Although this granting of power would have shown Augustus' favor for Agrippa
Favor ki paribhasha : shanvon ki upaasana ke niyam jo chhah hain—hasita, gita, nraty hudukkaara, namaskaar or jap 0209 raaja ki krapa se praapt sahaayata bina uchit anuchit ke vichaar ke kisi ke anukool pravratti ya sthiti lene ya paane ki ichchha prakat karana bina kisi pratikaar ki aasha ke dusare ki bhalaayi karane ki ichchha ya vratti yah nishchay karana ki amuk baat uchit hai ya anuchit kisi ke kaaryasnpaadan men shaaririk ya aur kisi prakaar yog dena kisi sthaan va padaarth ke ve donon chhor ya kinaare jo agale aur pichhale se bhinn hon

Favor synonyms
service gift backing support benefit consideration respect assistance aid benignity indulgence encouragement bias esteem dispensation approbation grace largess boon blessing compliment championship okay cooperation regard account partiality courtesy kindness accommodation present patronage admiration benevolence token benediction estimation friendliness good will good turn obligement promote facilitate advance abet befriend humor gratify value accommodate spare spoil further side with be partial to do a kindness do right by make exception play favorites pull strings show consideration smile upon treat well advocate appreciate accept choose praise endorse approve pick fancy approbate prize eulogize patronize commend countenance sanction honor incline for go for be in favor of buck for cotton to flash on hold with lean toward look up to opt for regard highly root for single out take a liking to take a shine to take to think well of tilt toward be on one's side feature simulate resemble take after be the image of be the picture of
Favor antonyms
hurt injury loss hindrance disrespect disdain denunciation fairness impartiality denial veto disadvantage disapproval ill will disregard dislike hate disfavor opposition stop criticism meanness frustrate hinder impede obstruct ignore disappoint block prevent thwart halt neglect refuse reject disapprove protest dissuade disallow censure deny oppose criticize discourage disagree 
Usage of Favor in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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