Favour meaning in hindi | Favour ka matlab 

Favour meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Favour 
Usage of Favour: 1: Mohan become kuber after opens lottery in his favour 2: He tilted the side mirror towards himself to have a better rear view.
Votes have tilted in favour of the communists.
3: Findings of the enquiry are not in favour of the accused. 4: Many doctors are not in favour of using forceps at the time of normal delivery. 5: Later when the style was falling from favour in Europe 6: Both were in favour of reconciliation with Germany and limited reparations. 7: In 1999 Hungary joined NATO. Hungary voted in favour of joining the EU 8: All votes resulted in a majority in favour 9: Abbot Suger and other nobles were not in favour of Louis' plans 10: The naval battle was decided in the Sicilians' favour
Favour ki paribhasha : kisi ke kaaryasnpaadan men shaaririk ya aur kisi prakaar yog dena bina uchit anuchit ke vichaar ke kisi ke anukool pravratti ya sthiti vah bhaav jo upnkaar karanevaale ke prati hota hai 0209 raaja ki krapa se praapt sahaayata yah nishchay karana ki amuk baat uchit hai ya anuchit haath men pahanane ka jahaaangiri naam ka gahana kisi sthaan va padaarth ke ve donon chhor ya kinaare jo agale aur pichhale se bhinn hon bina kisi pratikaar ki aasha ke dusare ki bhalaayi karane ki ichchha ya vratti

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The word can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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