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Fearful meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Fearful 
As adjective : अखज अघोर अजाय अतंका अदर्शनोय अधर्मात्मा अनखौहा० अनबना अरिष्ट असत् आगतसाध्वस आगतसाध्वस आतकित आर्त, आर्त्त कमहिम्मत कांदिशीक काकरुक कातर कुढ़ंग कृच्छ खवारी खुटवा गंदमगंदा गर्ह्माणक गहंणीय गाँड़ियल घोरदर्शन घोराकार, घोराकृत्ति चिह्नकारी चोडू जबुर जबून डँकना डरपुकना डरपोक डरा हुआ डराक डरानी दबड़ घुसड़ दूध्र धीँग नरदारा पस्तहिम्मत पोँकना फाड़खाऊ ‡ फासिर्द बदराह बुरा बैहर ‡ भंक भयकर भयदर्शी भयभी भयभीत भयविप्लुत, भयविह्वल भयशील भयातुर भयानक भयान्वित भयार्त, भयावदीर्ण भयावह भरुंड भीमयु भीमल भीरुचेता भीलु भीषणक भैभान भैयान भौमूती ‡ मलन मेआवन रिप्र लिड़ार लोमर वहशतजदा विजिता विभीषणा विभीषा विशंकट वीर्यहोन व्याकुलित शरटु शुभेतर श्रृधू संकसुक संचकित संत्रासन सकोतर सम् द्दंड ससाध्वस ससाध्वस साध्वसविप्लुत साशंक सुविक्लव हरिणहृदय हैबतजदा हौलजदा हौलजदा हौलदिला ह्रीकु ह्लीकु
Usage of Fearful: 1: The soldier was fearful of waking up the General. 2: He had a fearful accident.
Ram had a fearful fight with his friends.
3: Greece, fearful of the return of the Ottomans, purchased it. 4: Thoroughly opposed to their radical views and fearful of their results 5: / What immortal hand or eye / Could frame thy fearful symmetry? 6: This difference could have caused American wolves to be more fearful of humans 7: Although it was declined by distributors fearful of prosecution 8: There is no need to be fearful 9: March was fearful to publish the story 10: Animal fearful
Fearful ki paribhasha : saahity men nau rason ke antargat chhatha ras kolhou men lakadi ka vah takhta jisapar haaan kanevaala baithata hai aur jo kolhu ka kamar se laga hua usak chaaron aur ghoomata hai

Fearful synonyms
shy timid afraid hesitant nervous scared anxious uneasy tense agitated jittery frightened skittish panicky aghast chicken diffident disturbed fainthearted intimidated jumpy lily-livered mousy nerveless nervy perturbed phobic pusillanimous shaky sheepish shrinking solicitous spineless timorous tremulous unmanly worried yellow chickenhearted quivery aflutter discomposed disquieted goose-bumpy have cold feet in a dither rabbity running scared weak-kneed appalling astounding atrocious awful baleful creepy dire distressing dreadful eerie formidable frightful ghastly ghoulish grievous grim grisly gruesome hair-raising hideous horrible lurid macabre monstrous morbid overwhelming redoubtable shocking sinister strange sublime terrible tremendous unearthly unspeakable bloodcurdling horrendous horrific shuddersome
Fearful antonyms
confident extroverted brave fearless composed unafraid laid-back courageous pleasant bold cool happy calm unworried easy-going unfearful good nice inapprehensive 
Usage of Fearful in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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