Ferociously meaning in hindi | Ferociously ka matlab 

Ferociously meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Ferociously 
Usage of Ferociously: 1: They will, however, defend their cubs ferociously if a situation calls for it. 2: The Japanese navy continued to fight ferociously

Ferociously synonyms
murderously berserk madly savagely violently destructively frenziedly in a frenzy maniacally uncontrollably in cold blood meanly mercilessly relentlessly ruthlessly atrociously barbarically barbarously brutishly callously demoniacally diabolically ferally hardheartedly heartlessly inexorably inhumanely inhumanly pitilessly remorselessly something fierce something terrible unkindly unrelentingly severely furiously passionately forcefully frantically angrily boldly mightily awfully forcibly impetuously monstrous roughly tempestuously terribly vehemently tooth and nail frighteningly horribly irresistibly like cats and dogs maleficiently malevolently malignly no holds barred riotously stormily threateningly tigerishly turbulently venomously with bared teeth strongly seriously vigorously heavily briskly cruelly earnestly energetically intensely painfully powerfully sharply sprightly urgently actively animatedly boisterously keenly like fury rigorously rowdily spiritedly tumultously/tumultuously uproariously vivaciously with all one's might stupidly crazily irrationally idiotically wickedly immorally wrongly maliciously depravedly harmfully reprehensibly spitefully recklessly disorderly rashly unrestrainedly
Ferociously antonyms
kindly gently humanely nicely calmly mildly quietly tamely lightly softly moderately unenthusiastically easily tolerantly yielding indulgently unfixedly indifferently 
Usage of Ferociously in sentences

The word is used as adverb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb or adverb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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