Fiery meaning in hindi | Fiery ka matlab 

Fiery meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Fiery 
Usage of Fiery: 1: The lecture was delivered by a person.
He delivered all his property to the charity organization.
She delivered a fiery speech.
2: Leaders give fiery speeches. 3: “He eats men, he feeds on the gods…he cooks them in his fiery cauldrons. 4: Its emblem is a fiery crucible, and its motto is Limpia, fija y da esplendor . 5: Svarog can be also understood as meaning a shining, fiery place 6: They do not believe in any Hell of fiery torment. 7: After years of fiery resistance by the Cañari and other tribes 8: She was impressed by his fiery oration 9: A fiery heart of the love of God 10: A fiery sectarian, opinionated
Fiery ki paribhasha : maanika, birabahuti ya lahou aadi ke rng ka sngit men gndhaar svar ki do shrutiyon men se antim shruti

Fiery synonyms
excitable red-hot burning vehement impassioned combustible flaming glowing blazing spirited violent heated fierce intense ablaze afire alight choleric enthusiastic febrile fervid feverish flickering flushed hot-tempered impetuous impulsive inflamed irascible irritable madcap peppery precipitate unrestrained conflagrant fevered hot-blooded perfervid aflame agitable flaring hot-headed igneous ignited in flames
Fiery antonyms
passive apathetic indifferent peaceful impassive subdued calm cold cool unexcited dull unhappy mild moderate gentle flat 
Usage of Fiery in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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