Fine tune meaning in hindi | Fine tune ka matlab 

Fine tune meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Fine tune 
Fine tune synonyms
tweak set tune up calibrate make improvements develop amend modify transform revamp change shift vary revise transmute mutate convert doctor reform metamorphose renovate turn adapt cook reconstruct diversify remodel reshape refashion recast correct mid-course dial back make different phony up recalibrate mitigate ease alleviate assuage lessen soften soothe dilute restrain abate curb mollify allay cool tone down weaken palliate soft-pedal relieve switch transmogrify pacify admix chill out cool out make reasonable monkey around with take the bite out of take the edge off take the sting out of conform accustom fix accommodate tailor regulate compose reconcile fit rectify dispose acclimatize order habituate settle redress suit harmonize arrange fix up quadrate tailor-make do as romans do fiddle with get act together get it together grin and bear it make conform swim with the tide tighten balance overhaul readjust repair service align focus grind square connect polish sharpen troubleshoot bring into line improve accommodate put in working order standardize allocate coordinate sort systematize accord organize grade tally conclude straighten clarify methodize rearrange prepare censor choose publish compile annotate assemble analyze select delete trim rehash excise feature check style cut condense butcher emend rephrase draft finish scrub prescribe report amplify discard proofread assign massage go over make up put together set up strike out redact blue-pencil boil down fly speck write over attune inflect
Fine tune antonyms
stagnate remain destroy ruin preserve leave alone stay hurt continue fix keep maintain retain sustain let stand incite increase intensify worsen enlarge worry accuse blame condemn excite infuriate flex soften aggravate irritate magnify upset extend raise strengthen trouble agitate provoke bend disarrange disorganize disperse scatter refuse disorder mix up derange disturb disagree confuse unfit unsuit damage break spoil dull unsettle differ mismatch move separate indulge 
Usage of Fine tune in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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