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First class meaning in hindi

How to pronounce First class 
Usage of First class: 1: Please upgrade me to first class . 2: The first class of paradoxes involves counterfactuals 3: They report directly to the first class 4: Apostolic Prothonotary like, one who has been entrusted with a first class prelature given to ecclesiastics making not part of the College of masters 5: first class ticket, second, etc 6: It also tells of a first class space 7: It is also used as name in eighth and absolutely class The eighth, the first class after school classes 8: preceding the first class and who lately preceded rhetoric 9: The first class letters rhetoric was called

First class synonyms
exclusive shipshape finest five-star tip-top sound supreme first-string in class by itself very good perfect tough outstanding leading terrific bad premium champion ace superlative culminating boss chief cool nonpareil principal foremost highest incomparable inimitable matchless paramount peerless preeminent transcendent unequaled unparalleled unrivaled unsurpassed 10 optimum primo tops a-1 beyond compare choicest greatest number 1 out-of-sight sans pareil second to none fly delightful famous superb world-class preferred winner valuable elite nice exquisite popular precious preferential rare uncommon unusual 24-karat hand-picked solid gold expert crackerjack pro adept proficient skilled skillful talented handpicked marvelous nifty swell paragon keen model exemplary glorious groovy neat peachy hunky-dory sup rior swank posh sumptuous palatial swanky opulent luxurious elegant ritzy costly dainty delicate expensive luscious lush luxuriant rich recherchã© sterling admirable magnificent accomplished attractive distinguished desirable distinctive estimable invaluable meritorious notable noted priceless striking certified piked remarkable singular phenomenal extraordinary brainy prodigious astonishing outrageous spectacular incredible awesome astounding unbelievable breathtaking aces extravagant fictitious immense inconceivable legendary mind-blowing stupendous unreal wicked a-ok doozie out-of-this-world top drawer turn-on delicious far out out of sight out of this world best ever like wow cat's meow beautiful subtle refined handsome fashionable lovely smart well-made pleasant mean enjoyable gnarly good-looking ornate showy gilt-edged not too shabby head dominant premier sovereign ruling main arch advanced number one predominant top-flight ranking a-number-1 head of the line top of the list satisfying positive acceptable satisfactory wonderful favorable pleasing bully welcome spanking agreeable commendable congenial gratifying honorable reputable super-eminent super-excellent up to snuff noble grandiose awe-inspiring stately large imposing monumental dignified ambitious lofty august elevated exalted haughty illustrious majestic ostentatious pompous pretentious regal sublime smashing dynamite something else tremendous absolute heavy cold total adroit brutal complete consummate downright egregious masterly out-and-out unmitigated unqualified utter hellacious super-duper surpassing effective noteworthy powerful prominent vip aristocratic high profile honored potent seminal signal well-known big-time high-ranking major-league esteemed four-star front-page high-level high-up of note page-one upper-class generous bountiful excessive wasteful gorgeous effusive exuberant plush profligate exaggerated free abundant copious immoderate impressive improvident inordinate intemperate liberal munificent openhanded plentiful prodigal prolific riotous unreasonable unrestrained unsparing wild profusive thriftless unstinging virgin original fresh intact spick-and-span unblemished undamaged untarnished spanking-new cardinal hot state-of-the-art stellar top-of-the-line soldier sailor infantry second-class gi enlisted person private soldier topnotch fat winning cream award-winning selected selective eclectic privileged limited chosen screened favored discriminating blue-chip weeded culled winnowed thrilling dramatic surprising exciting stirring divine eloquent moving agitating zero cool chic classy dashing dressy snappy trendy tony in style heroic brilliant celebrated proud renowned resplendent royal splendorous splendiferous devastating dazzling ravishing fair bonny comely heavenly pretty beauteous superhuman preferable above senior high-class prevailing high-caliber a cut above exceeding finer good quality grander more advanced more skillful of higher rank overlying superincumbent unrivalled crowning maximum outside uppermost maximal apical high-profile highest quality in a class all by itself very best worthwhile reliable honest trustworthy deserving decent laudable upright moral blameless creditable dependable ethical praiseworthy pure righteous virtuous right-minded true incorrupt salt of the earth unmatched a number 1 bang-up best-quality highest-quality of the first water of the highest type top of the line express messenger priority mail hand-to-hand delivery package express special handling the best top-hole banner upmost brag entire flawless unbroken unharmed unhurt unimpaired uninjured whole
First class antonyms
lesser bad inferior poor second-class/second-rate last worst least minor unimportant extra incorrect low poorest secondary not right fewest low-class nonessential unrefined common ordinary sad lower unskilled inept insignificant ignorant stupid unacceptable not good destitute unknown detestable unexceptional unable repulsive failing imperfect unworthy regular ugly crude unnoteworthy indistinguished inconsiderable unremarkable usual commonplace mediocre ok normal conventional expected general unprodigious believable credible plausible plain simple unamazing customary tiny unpleasant familiar little small unattractive unsophisticated unpopular drab hateful cloudy stormy uncouth homely offensive unfashionable cheap humble horrifying disagreeable dull shabby dark rainy coarse rough thick awkward undiscriminating auxiliary trivial subordinate submissive inessential unnecessary final unsatisfactory worthless evil immoral noxious sinful vile incompetent unsuitable inadequate tainted unreliable fake forged unreal inconsequential unhelpful unvirtuous wicked rotten mean vicious misbehaving ignoble paltry contemptible pitiful undignified unimpressive modest unimposing miniature infamous powerless menial flawed minute short uncelebrated weak impotent incapable ineffective inappreciable unsubstantial stingy wanting insufficient lacking sparse thrifty scanty scarce moderate reasonable economical austere barren depressed saving spare ancient damaged used old latest supplemental open boring unexciting run-of-the-mill lazy unintelligent aboveboard forthright frank honest indefinite indistinct old-fashioned benevolent kind blunt slow calm mild undefined unstylish nice bland flat tasteless typical shameful shoddy meek below lowest valueless deceptive untrustworthy dishonest fraudulent dishonorable disreputable false unrespected awful dreadful horrible terrible 
Usage of First class in sentences

The word is used as adjective noun in english grammar. The word can be used as or noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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