Fish meaning in hindi | Fish ka matlab 

Fish meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Fish 
Usage of Fish: 1: stun fish 2: Pilchards are available in the fish market. 3: He is an odd/cold fish in his group. 4: He scalled the fish to cook. 5: I use imported fish hooks for fishing. 6: This old fish is the granddaddy of them all . 7: We feasted on the fish Harry had caught . 8: Most of Australia's fish species are marine. 9: Over sixty species of fish have been found in Lake Superior 10: MCH and melatonin receptors have been identified in fish and frogs
Fish ki paribhasha : manushy ya kisi aur shariradhaari ka saara sharira, jisaki prathak satta maani jaati hai aur jo kisi samooh ya samaaj ka ang samajha jaata hai .... kh birnch mahaadev se min bahutai jahaaan hoy paragat kabhi jot maara sada jal men rahanevaala ek prasiddh jiv praachin viraat desh ka naam pakadne ka kaam karaana

Fish synonyms
troll trawl angle chum extricate bob cast produce net extract find pull out seine bait the hook go fishing haul out cast one's hook cast one's net 
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The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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