Flank meaning in hindi | Flank ka matlab 

Flank meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Flank 
Usage of Flank: 1: the disorganization of the enemy troops by a flank attack 2: The enemy attacked the flank of the army. 3: Meanwhile the left flank column at Utrecht 4: This called for a main drive against the French right flank 5: To ensure security of the Empire's eastern flank 6: With his eastern flank now dangerously exposed to this new threat 7: The collapse of the northern flank of St. 8: On the Western Front's left flank 9: Maxentius expected an attack along his eastern flank from Licinius 10: The German northern flank was particularly vulnerable
Flank ki paribhasha : kisi adhik lnbaayi aur kam chaudaivaali vastu ke ve donon bhaag ya praant jahaaan se chaudai samaapt hoti ho pasaliyon ke niche, pet ke donon bagal ka sthaan kisi sthaan va padaarth ke ve donon chhor ya kinaare jo agale aur pichhale se bhinn hon idhar udhar padnevaala sthaan baahumool ke niche ki or ka gadhdha

Flank synonyms
hip ham thigh hand quarter wing side loin pleuron 
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The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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