Flush meaning in hindi | Flush ka matlab 

Flush meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Flush 
Usage of Flush: 1: Flame throwers are used to flush out enemy from bunkers in hand to hand combat. 2: he heard the flush of a toilet 3: Please flush the drain after you have taken bath. 4: The heroin in this play is in her first flush of youth. 5: In the flush of excitement, he forgot to lock the door. 6: She had a flush on her cheek. 7: The edge of the tank was flush with the ground. 8: Seawater is used to flush toilets 9: This term was used in ancient times to describe the first flush harvest of tea. 10: Hole cards can both be used in a flush if they are suited
Flush ki paribhasha : aaanch paakar phen ke sahit oopar uthana jisaki satah par koi ubhari ya jami hui vastu na ho drav padaartho ka nimn tal ki or aapase aap gaman karana bij ko jamane ke liye jute khet ya bhurabhuri ki hui jamin men chhitaraana vah vyakti jo striyon ko bahakaakar kumaarg ki or pravratt karana ho mahaabhaarat ke anusaar ek naag ka naam ras ke snvaari bhaavon men se ek jal jisase koi chij saaph ki jaay jisaka tal sam ho, oobad khaabad na ho

Flush synonyms
even square level smooth plane horizontal true planate well-off full liberal affluent lavish prodigal rich close generous opulent wealthy color freshness glow bloom ruddiness rosiness pinkness redness burn suffuse mantle rose flame rouge crimson redden color up go red pinken drench wash cleanse rinse expel flood hose eject swab douche
Flush antonyms
uneven dishonest vertical lacking broken irregular rough upright needy thrifty wanting impoverished economical poor pale uncolor dirty 
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The word is used as adjective noun, verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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