Foil meaning in hindi | Foil ka matlab 

Foil meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Foil 
Usage of Foil: 1: The foil event was won by a Frenchman 2: Milk is delivered in 1 pint glass bottles with aluminium foil tops. 3: A foil goldsmith, sculptor, etc 4: A ugly woman serves as a foil to her neighbor 5: Bout foil, padded leather button that makes the tip of a foil so it does not hurt 6: buffalo piece sewn to fencing gloves and to guarantee the wrist shots foil or sword 7: button foil, Small piece of metal that lines the end of a foil 8: If you do not Weed your trees, there will not foil 9: In terms Fencing Press the boot, press the foil on the body after his opponent hit 10: In terms of Fencing, Buttoning someone, Give it a shot foil
Foil ki paribhasha : ek puraana pratyay jo kisi shabd ke aage lagakar kartavya, dhaaran ya snyog aadi soochit karata hai yuddh men pratidbndbi ko hataana baarud ki ek taul jo aadh ser ke baraabar hoti hai lohe ka ek lnba dhaaradaar hathiyaar jisake aaghaat se vastuean kat jaati hai

Foil synonyms
counterblow complement setting guard defense background antithesis hinder prevent thwart elude frustrate nullify curb cramp rattle skip shake disconcert dash duck ditch check stymie outwit restrain checkmate disappoint crimp dodge balk crab beat stop baffle faze bilk defeat foul up shake off bollix juke buffalo get around give the run-around give the slip hang up run circles around run rings around shuffle off throw monkey wrench in upset the apple cart
Foil antonyms
aid assist facilitate release placate soothe calm liberate surrender abet allow encourage forward help face meet inspirit lose 
Usage of Foil in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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