For the sake of meaning in hindi | For the sake of ka matlab 

For the sake of meaning in hindi

How to pronounce For the sake of 
Usage of For the sake of: 1: “ For that for the sake of which a thing is 2: For everything he tried to do and did do for the sake of Russia 3: However for the sake of convenience an oblate spheroid of revolution 4: As a result, in consideration of, for the sake of 5: It said, in a similar sense, the Assemblies of men and women who stand in the homes of individuals for the sake of conversation 6: It was important for the sake of his business he made this trip 7: Towards company, Whom are made for the sake of a particular meeting and which are not intended for the public

For the sake of synonyms
as being considering over seeing since through whereas as a result of as long as as things go by cause of by reason of by virtue of due to for the reason that in as much as in behalf of in that in the interest of in view of now that on the grounds that owing to thanks to after concerning during notwithstanding pro supposing toward beneficial to conducive to in contemplation of in exchange for in favor of in furtherance of in order to in order to get in place of in pursuance of in spite of in the direction of in the name of on the part of on the side of to counterbalance to go to to the amount of to the extent of under the authority of with a view to with regard to with respect 
Usage of For the sake of in sentences

The word is used as preposition in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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