Fragment meaning in hindi | Fragment ka matlab 

Fragment meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Fragment 
Usage of Fragment: 1: This fragment was broken off of that . 2: A single 15 mm fragment from a lower bill 3: Marriage , wrote the fragment Rome and his greatest short story, The Overcoat. 4: New Caledonia is an ancient fragment of the Gondwana super-continent. 5: The first list fragment contains the end of the list for the Gospel of Matthew. 6: The second list fragment 7: Central to this aspect is a fragment from Dante 8: The third fragment is the one that is also known as Canto CXX. It is 9: The final fragment returns to beginnings with the name of François Bernonad 10: Also a fragment of Archelaos of Carrha mentions the Buddha's virgin-birth.
Fragment ki paribhasha : bhinn ki lakir ke oopar ki snkhya kisi vastu ka vah bhaag jo usase toot phoot ya kat chhantakar alag ho gaya ho

Fragment synonyms
particle chunk portion lump remnant shred bit scrap sliver shiver cut end ace minim morsel bite share gob job slice grain fraction atom crumb iota smithereen disintegrate splinter rive smash divide burst shatter crumble split disunite rend split up come apart
Fragment antonyms
whole entirety total lot combine mend unite complete fix join 
Usage of Fragment in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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