Fragrance meaning in hindi | Fragrance ka matlab 

Fragrance meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Fragrance 
Usage of Fragrance: 1: The fragrance spread in the room is perceptible. 2: This fragrance is reminiscent of fresh f lowers . 3: In the course of the 18th century the fragrance became increasingly popular. 4: Dion is preparing to release her 5th fragrance "Sensational" in the spring. 5: I can still recall the typical fragrance of those loaves . 6: A sweet fragrance 7: Absolutely, This fragrance header 8: Botanical plant of the genus Narcissus , which are grown in gardens for its elegance and fragrance 9: Burn perfumes, lozenges spread a good fragrance 10: In terms Perfumery, he told a concentrated fragrance
Fragrance ki paribhasha : ek vratt ka naam jisake pratyek charan men na, ja, la III, IsI, hota hai achchhi aur priy mahak

Usage of Fragrance in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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