Free for all meaning in hindi | Free for all ka matlab 

Free for all meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Free for all 
Usage of Free for all: 1: Education is free for all Nicaraguans. 2: Education in Libya is free for all citizens 3: Madison is home to the Vilas Zoo which is free for all visitors
Free for all ki paribhasha : do manushyon ka paraspar aaveshapoorn vivaad

Free for all synonyms
brouhaha affray battle broil row knock-down-drag-out squabble clash argument ruckus scuffle feud wrangle altercation dispute quarrel fuss rumble tumult scrap rhubarb hassle rumpus disorder battle royal bickering duke out discord disarray pandemonium lawlessness anarchy misrule bedlam muddle unruliness snarl entropy clutter mix-up disorganization topsy-turviness mobocracy ataxia holy mess rat's nest shindig hoedown combat contest confrontation bout war match exchange disagreement action rivalry duel controversy conflict skirmish round tiff brush difficulty engagement to-do contention hostility dissension joust scrimmage fisticuffs strife wrangling set-to dogfight sparring match warfare bloodshed go beef spat words flap run-in rowdy blowup roughhouse brawling brannigan hell broke loose punch out ruffle stew trouble mix up fever madness burst fury rage excitement mania passion outburst craze hysteria agitation seizure conniption convulsion transport fit distemper derangement ferment spasm stir aberration insanity paroxysm lunacy lather distraction delirium dithers blow a fuse wingding blow one's cork blow one's stack blow one's top flip one's lid commotion enthusiasm outcry whirl bustle ado fad big scene big stink noise mayhem confusion hubbub clamor hue and cry shuffle blare disturbance babel shouting clangor squall hoo-ha clatter turbulence jangle vociferation protest storm shower shivaree anarchism mob violence street fighting tumble competition litter race jungle jumble mishmash conglomeration hash hustle rat race trial attempt work encounter endeavor effort essay exertion undertaking labor jump jam toil grind long haul pains striving anxiety unrest ailment disquiet anxiousness pother distress restiveness flurry disquietude restlessness hectic topsy-turvy babble illness goulash worry subversion overthrow surprise malady complaint tizzy sickness reversion destruction reverse bother shock defeat queasiness shake-up screw-up
Free for all antonyms
calm peace agreement harmony truce order orderliness tidiness quiet arrangement organization neatness normality system accord friendliness friendship concord kindness surrender ceasefire happiness calmness soundness saneness balance peacefulness silence tranquility composure solemnity seriousness laziness success idleness entertainment fun retreat giving in contentment health relaxation contentedness pleasure advantage expectation aid good health help solution 
Usage of Free for all in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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