Fury meaning in hindi | Fury ka matlab 

Fury meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Fury 
Usage of Fury: 1: The teacher flew into a fury when the student did not complete his work. 2: The crops were devastated by the fury of the hurricane. 3: hell hath no fury like a woman scorned 4: During the cyclone people experienced the fury of the elements. 5: A blind fury the 6: A holy fury overcame him 7: A movement, a fury transport 8: ABANDON Exposing still means, delivered; and in this sense it is always followed by the preposition to Abandoning a city to plunder, to the fury of the soldiers 9: adjectively, a zeal, an iconoclastic fury 10: Amas stones, pebbles and other materials thrown next to the canal that forms the entrance to a port, masonry and usually strongly supported pilings to serve to break the fury of the waves
Fury ki paribhasha : chitt ka vah tivr udveg jo kisi anuchit aur haanikaarak kaary ko hote hue dekhakar utpann hota hai aur jisamen us haanikaarak kaary karanevaale se badala lene ki ichchha hoti hai vah bhishan maanasik rog jisase manushy ki buddhi aur ichchhaashakti aadi men anek prakaar ke vikaar hote hain vegon ko tivr karane ki kriya sharir ke vaata, pitt aadi ka kisi kaaran se bigad jaana jisase rog utpann hota hai

Fury synonyms
madness rage frenzy energy violence ire acrimony intensity passion storm furor ferocity indignation savagery severity power conniption fire rise acerbity sore fierceness flare-up vehemence stew turbulence force asperity might rabidity tempestuousness impetuosity boiling point rampancy slow burn
Fury antonyms
glee happiness calmness inactivity laziness lethargy inability incompetence weakness mildness peace peacefulness kindness powerlessness 
Usage of Fury in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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