Garlic meaning in hindi | Garlic ka matlab 

Garlic meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Garlic 
Usage of Garlic: 1: A clove of garlic added in the meat increases its flavour. 2: The meat savors of too much garlic . 3: Cantharides, mustard, garlic are épispastiques 4: Cooking oil made Provencal Mets and crushed garlic 5: garlic species that has a weaker flavor than regular garlic 6: Garlic Species weaker than the ordinary garlic and shallots also called for Spain 7: He gave me a wine halenée, a garlic halenée 8: He grows garlic several species 9: It poisoned us with garlic puffs 10: Rub the garlic
Garlic ki paribhasha : ek kendr se uthakar chaaron or giri hui lnbi lnbi patali pattiyon ka ek paudhaa, jisaki jad gol gaaanth ke roop men hoti hai

Usage of Garlic in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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