Get the better of meaning in hindi | Get the better of ka matlab 

Get the better of meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Get the better of 
As noun : हराना
Get the better of ki paribhasha : yuddh ya ladai men vipakshi ke viruddh saphalata praapt karana yuddh men pratidbndbi ko hataana

Get the better of synonyms
beat trounce outclass outshine surpass blank outdo knock off transcend exceed lick deck outstrip tan total prevail whip cream bulldoze floor top excel better master lambaste wax trash wallop blast wipe zap waste drub clobber thrash triumph beat up put away shut down take down wipe out take care of whop flax ko whomp let have it shoot down triumph over wipe the floor with rout crush quell overthrow surmount vanquish subjugate control thwart reduce circumvent overpower outwit checkmate override humble frustrate succeed worst discomfit foil overmaster bring to knees trample underfoot wipe off map inhibit dominate handle decide manage rule curb determine regulate guide discipline shepherd incline dispose direct tame predispose restrain contain bridle boss sway steer underlie directionalize overwhelm win weather survive stun render hurdle shock outlive drown prostrate be victorious come out on top get around knock over knock socks off rise above suppress extinguish repress temper quench drop quiet soften break gentle quash overrun defeat squelch mellow quieten bear down break in put down tone down beat down get the upper hand get under control topple overturn outplay annoy exhaust drain exasperate tax pester vex weary harass irk fatigue enervate weaken wear down
Get the better of antonyms
retreat surrender forfeit praise uphold relent lose fail yield fall behind build give up be inferior release give in relinquish aid assist capitulate succumb win encourage help hesitate liberate comply obey acquiesce consent permit abandon submit mismanage neglect agree allow give way build up arouse incite let go aggravate agitate start strengthen straighten delight order place make happy please soothe animate invigorate refresh activate energize disrobe freshen refuse reject take off rebuild cheer 
Usage of Get the better of in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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