Glorious meaning in hindi | Glorious ka matlab 

Glorious meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Glorious 
Usage of Glorious: 1: a long and glorious career 2: The Merlins flight was a glorious sight. 3: Fascism seemed to synthesise the glorious Roman past with a futuristic utopia. 4: Despite the glorious end of the expedition 5: He further claims that those movements offered the prospect of a glorious 6: A glorious day 7: A glorious death 8: A glorious inheritance 9: A glorious martyr for the faith 10: A glorious name
Glorious ki paribhasha : jo badi sajaavat aur taiyaari ke saath ho

Glorious synonyms
beautiful remarkable magnificent enjoyable marvelous bright shining illustrious dazzling superb wonderful grand noble gorgeous famous memorable heroic great splendid brilliant triumphant gratifying delightful sublime august celebrated distinguished effulgent elevated eminent exalted excellent famed fine heavenly honored immortal majestic notable noted pleasurable preeminent radiant renowned resplendent time-honored venerable well-known esteemed
Glorious antonyms
typical unremarkable usual unpleasant insignificant paltry stupid unaware unintelligent horrible infamous lowly unimportant unknown awful contemptible disgraceful shameful homely offensive plain ugly normal ordinary bad poor unenjoyable unhappy dark dull obscure gloomy inferior second-rate unimpressive undignified atrocious 
Usage of Glorious in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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