Gloss over meaning in hindi | Gloss over ka matlab 

Gloss over meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Gloss over 
Usage of Gloss over: 1: We gloss over
Gloss over ki paribhasha : aisi sthiti men karana jisamen kisi ko dikhaayi na pade ya pata na chale

Gloss over synonyms
mislead misstate distort pervert hide warp twist conceal misrepresent falsify garble give the lie to miscolor trump up embroider magnify taint angle doctor overstate slant prejudice fake pad fudge cook up dress up cloak camouflage deceive obscure alter antique feign redo counterfeit varnish sham beard masquerade muffle screen shroud dissemble front affect veil change assume pretend cover obfuscate dissimulate secrete make up put on an act touch up cover up doctor up make like put on a false front put on a front put up a front wear cheaters disregard discard overlook bypass trifle defer omit skimp overpass skip dismiss elide evade procrastinate suspend shirk postpone pass over overleap be careless be derelict be irresponsible be negligent be remiss let pass let slide look the other way lose sight of not trouble oneself think little of portray sketch depict coat draw daub tint design decorate dye brush delineate stipple compose outline figure picture ornament swab limn shade draft fresco slather catch a likeness put on coats slap on mute minimize soft-pedal soften belittle hold back restrain underrate underplay deemphasize make light of make little of reproduce mimic replicate resemble fence mirror invent prevaricate concoct equivocate feature favor ape pirate lift bluff copy exaggerate crib borrow fabricate steal knock off make believe phony playact act like do a take-off do like blanch palliate vindicate suppress extenuate sugarcoat whiten launder liberate exonerate veneer
Gloss over antonyms
straighten disclose divulge uncover unmask attest prove expose lay bare let out open reveal show tell represent be honest discolor pale whiten leave alone be truthful tell truth respect expedite complete cherish guard nurture protect accomplish achieve attend regard advance forward face meet take on maintain do finish continue concern take care of watch succeed strip build up play up blow up explode destroy idle give receive be real accuse blame condemn sentence 
Usage of Gloss over in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi. 
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