Gossip meaning in hindi | Gossip ka matlab 

Gossip meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Gossip 
Usage of Gossip: 1: the divorce caused much gossip 2: Our neighbours gossip the whole day. 3: Its like him to indulge in gossip mongering. 4: malicious gossip 5: he gave credence to the gossip 6: Jane is such a gossip . 7: We'll have none of your gossip . 8: Stop noising that gossip around . 9: Many gossip and fashion magazines are also published in Bangkok 10: Director Cecil B. DeMille and gossip columnist Hedda Hopper play themselves
Gossip ki paribhasha : vah shabd jo jhat se nigalane, kisi naam athava gili vastu men ghusane ya padne aadi se hota hai doosare ki ninda jo usaki anupasthiti men tisare se ki jaay

Gossip synonyms
scandal hearsay chitchat tale conversation slander buzz news chatter blather account prate chronicle grapevine defamation cry story meddling babble scuttlebutt wire report prattle calumny injury small talk whispering campaign blether clothesline earful back-fence talk dirty laundry dirty linen dirty wash idle talk malicious talk gossipmonger meddler snoop parrot tattler blabbermouth chatterbox rumormonger informer scandalmonger busybody talebearer telltale prattler chatterer flibbertigibbet newsmonger circulator rumors babbler scandalizer hint jaw intimate imply dish repeat suggest insinuate bad-mouth cut up spill the beans schmoose cut to pieces rattle on talk idly tell secrets tell tales wiggle-waggle bend one's ear
Gossip antonyms
quiet silence fact conceal hide be quiet 
Usage of Gossip in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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