Grammar meaning in hindi | Grammar ka matlab 

Grammar meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Grammar 
Usage of Grammar: 1: In grammar such,very are intensifiers. 2: He wrote "English grammar and the Armenian" in 1817 3: Ido inherits many features of the grammar of Esperanto 4: There are 184 primary, secondary and grammar schools in the city. 5: The first Latin-to-Spanish grammar was written in Salamanca 6: As with most alternative Leet spellings or grammar 7: The grammar of a language is organized around such fundamental categories 8: Chomsky used a context-free grammar augmented with transformations. 9: Faroese grammar is most similar to Icelandic and Old Norse. 10: Historic grammar schools
Grammar ki paribhasha : vah vidya ya shaastr jisamen kisi bhaasha ke shabdon ke shuddh roopon aur vaakyon ke prayog ke niyamon aadi ka niroopan hota hai

Usage of Grammar in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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