Habitual meaning in hindi | Habitual ka matlab 

Habitual meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Habitual 
Usage of Habitual: 1: He prefers rum to whisky. is the habitual drinker of rum. 2: He is a habitual sycophant. 3: He is a habitual fibber. 4: This deprived the Libyan forces of their habitual infantry 5: Aleister Crowley was also noted for his habitual absinthe use. 6: There are three aspects: habitual , progressive and perfective. 7: In terms of biology, Infinitely small, beings whose substance is so small that it escapes our habitual ways of perception 8: It figuratively said of a book which is made habitual reading 9: Lack of adherence, habitual failure to observe religious and moral prescriptions, etc 10: sanctifying or habitual With
Habitual ki paribhasha : jo vyavahaar ke liye upayukt ya thik ho bauddhon ka ek snpradaaya, jo sabhi vastuon ko prakrati ke niyamaanusaar bani maanate hain

Habitual synonyms
perpetual inveterate chronic repeated addicted hardened accepted accustomed automatic common confirmed constant continual conventional customary familiar fixed frequent ingrained mechanical methodical natural normal ordinary perfunctory permanent persistent practiced recurrent regular repetitious rooted routine seasoned set standard steady systematic traditional wonted cyclic iterative reiterative addicting disciplined iterated
Habitual antonyms
temporary infrequent intermittent occasional unusual rare seldom uncommon inhabitual unestablished 
Usage of Habitual in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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