Hail meaning in hindi | Hail ka matlab 

Hail meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Hail 
Usage of Hail: 1: a hail of pebbles 2: See if you can hail a cab . 3: Blanketed by a hail of British bullets 4: However, although not the norm, one can hail one on the street. 5: Timbaland, The Neptunes, Chris Brown, and Clipse hail from the commonwealth. 6: The highly influential post-punk group the Comsat Angels hail from Sheffield. 7: Sean Paul, Bounty Killer, and Beenie Man, hail from Kingston. 8: A hail of projectiles 9: and in general all dry Net, hail and more or less stiff, resembling the beard grass 10: Breaking down a hail of blows on the shoulders of someone
Hail ki paribhasha : prathvi ke kade star ka pind ya khnd kisi ka naam lekar bulaane ki kriya ya bhaav kisi ko bolane men pravratt karana hindi ka ek pratyay jo katipay shabdo ke ant men lagakar kisi vastu ke laghu roop ka bodhak hota hai apani aur dhyaan aakarshit karane ke liye ooanche svar se snbodhan karana

Hail synonyms
bombardment salvo shower barrage storm volley cannonade hailstorm broadside pelting signal welcome greet address shoulder shout yawp accost flag holler hello flag down sing out speak to wave down whistle down whistle for yoo-hoo acclaim acknowledge applaud recognize commend cheer praise recommend exalt glorify compliment hear it for kudize root for begin be a native of be born in claim as birthplace batter beat down upon
Hail antonyms
whisper disdain dishonor disparage slight dribble drip censure denounce disapprove refuse dissuade castigate condemn humiliate discourage criticize debase 
Usage of Hail in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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