Hanky panky meaning in hindi | Hanky panky ka matlab 

Hanky panky meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Hanky panky 
Hanky panky ki paribhasha : vah snkhya jo paaanch se ek adhik ho

Hanky panky synonyms
amour deception dirty pool fling flirtation liaison mischief romance skullduggery subterfuge trickery devilry fooling around fourberie funny business hankie-pankie hokey-pokey knavery machinations sexual activity sharp practice infidelity cheating relationship matinee immorality fornication thing two-timing extracurricular activity carrying on playing around rendezvous intimacy intrigue affaire goings-on thing together problem issue interest duty function task happening point assignment question topic matter responsibility lookout palaver subject beeswax scam swindle frame gyp sting hoax racket fake sell fix baloney rip-off imposture dodge plant whitewash jazz flimflam wrong deceit stunt spoof hustle humbug artifice put-on sham con bill of goods con game shell game snow job bunco jive hoaxing cozening bamboozlement cover up dirty trick fast one fast shuffle run around shady deal stratagem duplicity furtiveness maneuver deviousness ploy plot feint sophistry ruse gambit wiles double-crossing surreptitiousness seduction toying a little on the side amorous play frolicking messing around working late at office falsehood mendacity treachery corruption graft falsity stealing bunk faithlessness cunning infamy craft perfidy guile perfidiousness hocus-pocus crookedness rascality improbity criminality unscrupulousness insidiousness wiliness fraudulence hypocrisy foul play bad faith blackmail misrepresentation extortion spuriousness shakedown string song skunk smoke song and dance dupery barratry duping hoodwinking swindling tryst passion involvement courtship devotion entanglement affair of the heart affaire de coeur forbidden love illicit love romantic affair sexual relationship outside of marriage triangle mã©nage ã  trois absurdity disobedience foolishness high jinks horseplay inanity insanity lunacy misbehavior monkeyshine nonsense poppycock prank silliness stupidity craziness ludicrousness tommyrot absurdness antics buffoonery carrying-on clowning around foolery horse feathers irresponsibility mischief-making naughtiness mischievousness frolicsomeness vandalism gag trouble capers horsing around illicit love affair craftiness
Hanky panky antonyms
faithfulness honesty dislike hate hatred avocation recreation irresponsibility unemployment truthfulness reality frankness peace openness forthrightness hastening hurrying push rush loyalty sincerity fairness scrupulousness fidelity innocence artlessness uprightness trustworthiness entertainment justice indifference goodness constancy honor gift 
Usage of Hanky panky in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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