Hard as nails meaning in hindi | Hard as nails ka matlab 

Hard as nails meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Hard as nails 
Hard as nails synonyms
ferocious vicious savage barbarous bloodthirsty cruel dog-eat-dog merciless pitiless relentless unprincipled stamina endurance grit persistence staying power backbone constancy permanence guts gutsiness moxie intestinal fortitude imperishability starch lastingness durableness stick-to-itiveness bleak harsh painful grim acrimonious angry antagonistic austere bitter brutal callous cold cold-blooded dark disagreeable distressing dour exacting grievous hostile inclement intemperate intolerable obdurate perverse rigorous rugged severe stern strict stringent stubborn unfeeling unjust unkind unpleasant unrelenting unsparing unsympathetic vengeful rancorous resentful cold fish hard-nosed firm hard-line headstrong inflexible obstinate rough hard-shelled ruthless inhuman uncaring cold-hearted unemotional uncompassionate hard-hearted assured complacent composed cool immovable nerveless nonchalant sedate self-possessed self-satisfied smug tranquil unaffected undisturbed unflappable unmoved unruffled untouched cool as cucumber disimpassioned equanimous roll with punches stiff upper lip stoical unexcitable crass unresponsive aloof bloodless hardhearted obtuse stony tactless unconcerned incurious unsusceptible coldhearted feelingless imperceptive heavy vigorous secure capable solid big forceful steady tenacious athletic substantial stable active robust energetic able-bodied enduring fixed forcible hale hardy hearty mighty muscular reinforced sinewy sound stalwart stark staunch stout strapping sturdy unyielding well-founded well-made heavy-duty in fine feather well-built tight resilient healthy fit brawny conditioned dense fibrous flinty indigestible leathery lusty resistant rigid seasoned unbreakable cohesive molded steeled tough as nails withstanding reserved crisp distant formal hold the line incompliant inelastic inexorable intractable resolute single-minded uncompromising uptight do or die dug in hold the fort locked in set in stone standing pat unflexible unswayable hold one's ground standing one's ground sticking to one's guns adamantine compact concentrated impenetrable indurate iron packed rocky compacted compressed consolidated hard-handed indurated impassible impassive unimpressionable potent powerful dogged steadfast strong-willed purposeful serious decisive bent persevering decided settled bent on constant earnest intent unfaltering unflinching unwavering unhesitating resolved mean business buckled down hard-as-nails hardboiled on ice set on strong-minded prepared benumbed accustomed habituated contemptuous disdainful impious inaccessible irreverent inured toughened case-hardened unashamed unrepenting unsubmissive
Hard as nails antonyms
kind gentle weakness cowardice fear poorness unreliability impermanency pleasant cheerful malleable pliable facile merciful disputable inexact questionable uncertain untrue bright nice sunny easy flexible pliant soft yielding mild simple sensitive sympathetic doubtful considerate friendly compassionate warmhearted feeling giving caring excitable irritable jittery touchy perturbable impressionable mindful responsive aware concerned touched sensate unstable indefinite insignificant unimportant idle impotent inactive lethargic fragile vulnerable wobbly unable intermittent undependable untrustworthy feeble ineffective infirm lazy sluggish complacent irresolute laid-back uncaring indistinct vague pale loose slack moving little small unfixed delicate inept broken unhealthy agreeable easy-going obscure moderate low unpowerful mistakable controllable tender bending relaxed undetermined changeable undecided hesitating vacillating wavering 
Usage of Hard as nails in sentences

The word is used as adjective noun in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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