Hard line meaning in hindi | Hard line ka matlab 

Hard line meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Hard line 
Hard line synonyms
militant staunch hard-core adamant hard-nosed inflexible stand pat steadfast stiff strict ungiving control grip heavy hand tight ship big stick firm hand high hand iron boot iron fist iron rule jackboot mailed fist strong hand tight grasp tight hand tight rein callous headstrong obdurate obstinate rough unfeeling hard as nails hard-shelled awkward bullheaded cantankerous contrary hang tough immovable incurable indomitable insoluble mulish pertinacious perverse pigheaded recalcitrant refractory resolute tenacious uncooperative undisciplined ungovernable unmanageable unruly wayward wild willful incompliant indocile locked in self-willed set in stone tough-nut unpliable implacable inexorable incompatible incongruous inconsistent clashing discordant discrepant dissonant inharmonious opposed reluctant unfriendly unappeasable diametrically opposed assertive cocky stubborn arbitrary biased bigoted bossy cocksure conceited dictatorial doctrinaire dogmatic high-handed one-sided oracular overbearing positive pragmatic prejudiced self-assertive single-minded pragmatical set-on tilted weighted stringent austere harsh solid definite rigorous fixed exact changeless determined inelastic invariable static strait-laced unalterable unbreakable unchanging unmoving unrelenting adamantine chiseled dead set tough nut to crack undeviating unpermissive flinty grim forbidding astringent bitter ascetic cruel disciplinary dyed-in-the-wool frowning hardheaded relentless severe unsparing steely by the book hang-tough mortified stiff-necked terrible desperate fierce narrow savage confirmed drastic exacting ferocious immutable merciless pugnacious ruthless taut uncontrollable unforgiving vicious violent hard-bitten ruffianly reserved crisp aloof distant formal hold the line uptight do or die dug in hold the fort standing pat unflexible unswayable hold one's ground standing one's ground sticking to one's guns decided brick-wall unwavering uncompliant unmovable dead set on immalleable impliable fractious pig-headed bull-headed
Hard line antonyms
tolerant irresolute flexible facile manageable amenable easy merciful compatible consonant harmonious friendly consistent compromising reconcilable indifferent open-minded shy willing inexact unreliable indefinite lenient bending limber pliable gentle mild soft broken imprecise unfixed yielding pliant kind cheerful nice bland funny light smiling peaceful uncertain supple fragile unstable vulnerable wobbly controllable calm easy-going delicate weak tender relaxed cooperative submissive compassionate giving wavering sympathetic surrendering 
Usage of Hard line in sentences

The word is used as adjective noun in english grammar. The word can be used as or noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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