Hedge meaning in hindi | Hedge ka matlab 

Hedge meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Hedge 
Usage of Hedge: 1: The hedge around the house needs a clip. 2: We will hedge against any risk we can detect . 3: I have to hedge my bets against losing . 4: A hedge of thorns 5: A very thick hedge 6: be sheltered under a shed, under a tree, behind a wall behind a hedge 7: Behind the hedge 8: convex lenses, glasses that are given a convex shape and used to hedge clocks, watches, vases, small statues, etc 9: Crossing a hedge 10: Gird a park of a hedge
Hedge ki paribhasha : sab or se aabaddh karake mndl ya sima ke andar laana ek prakaar ki aangiya ya kurati jo memen pahanati hain aur aajakal bahuteri bhaaratiy striyaaan bhi pahanane lagi hain striyon ka baaanh par pahanane ka taaand naamak gahana aisi sthiti men karana jisamen kisi ko dikhaayi na pade ya pata na chale

Hedge synonyms
shrubbery fence barrier screen bush guard protection hurdle thicket enclosure quickset hedgerow windbreak sidestep fudge waffle pussyfoot shuffle temporize equivocate stonewall tergiversate evade prevaricate stall flip-flop quibble duck shuck blow hot and cold cop out hem and haw pass the buck shilly-shally jive cop a plea be noncommittal beat around the bush give the run around sit on the fence tergiverse cage hinder coop obstruct girdle immure surround corral restrict pen ring confine border block siege hem in
Hedge antonyms
opening confront release face meet aid assist center free let go help promote set free 
Usage of Hedge in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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