Heed meaning in hindi | Heed ka matlab 

Heed meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Heed 
Usage of Heed: 1: It is a tittle-tattle. Dont pay heed to. 2: The Natives gave no heed to the idea of surrender 3: It is also said by the form of threats and means Prenez- guard it; if you heed the warning I give you, you will repent 4: It is also said, by way of warning, Stand up, Take heed to yourselves, keep you on your toes, take the necessary means to defend yourself 5: Without attention, failing to heed 6: He also said in the form of threats and means Take care, if you heed the warning I give you, you will repent 7: Take heed that you are dealing with a Harpagon
Heed ki paribhasha : man ko ekaagr karake kisi ek padaarth par lagaana baahm indriyon ke prayog ki bina keval man men laane ki kriya ya bhaav

Heed synonyms
observance deliberation mind caution respect concentration watchfulness debate concern heedfulness mark note application interest notice regard attention carefulness consideration ear remark observation study cognizance spotlight tlc listen up tender loving care observe hear obey dig hark attend sit see hearken catch follow baby-sit bear in mind pick up ride herd on toe the line take to heart be aware be guided by follow orders get a load of give ear keep eye peeled keep tabs mind the store pay attention stay in line take notice of watch out watch over watch the store do one's bidding watch one's step
Heed antonyms
heedlessness thoughtlessness negligence disdain disrespect ignorance indifference disregard carelessness inattention neglect disinterest ignore misunderstand forget overlook not get 
Usage of Heed in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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