High flown meaning in hindi | High flown ka matlab 

High flown meaning in hindi

How to pronounce High flown 
High flown ki paribhasha : jisaka doosara daavedaar na ho

High flown synonyms
elaborate exaggerated extravagant inflated showy turgid rhapsodic histrionic aureate balderdash declamatory fustian highfalutin loudmouthed magniloquent orotund ostentatious overblown ranting sonorous stuffed shirt swollen tumid verbose windbag windy wordy big-talking euphuistic full of hot air exalted heavy elated exhilarated noble upright animated sublime formal bright eloquent eminent ethical high-minded honorable lofty righteous stately superb upstanding virtuous big-time decorative baroque flamboyant ornate busy figurative fussy luscious ornamental rich embellished garnished ornamented diffuse euphemistic fancy overwrought prolix purple redundant rococo oratorical euphistic tall-talking splashy imposing magnificent monumental ambitious affected august cosmic egotistic impressive lordly majestic overwhelming royal unfathomable vast high-falutin' gallant daring fearless gutsy valiant epic courageous bold classic dauntless doughty gritty intrepid stouthearted unafraid undaunted valorous mythological bigger than life fire-eating gutty impavid lion-hearted stand tall unattainable unreal abstract visionary intellectual utopian hypothetical imaginary chimerical fanciful fictitious mercurial quixotic theoretical transcendent transcendental unearthly notional dreamlike in the clouds ivory-tower out-of-reach ingenious whimsical fantastic vivid offbeat artistic original romantic avant-garde clever dreamy enterprising fertile inspired poetic productive way out fictive poetical blue-sky brain wave breaking ground originative pie-in-the-sky mystical spiritual esoteric philosophical supernatural abstruse deep difficult eternal fundamental immaterial impalpable incorporeal insubstantial intangible preternatural profound recondite superhuman superior universal unsubstantial bodiless nonphysical numinous discarnate jesuitic nonmaterial oversubtle supermundane suprahuman supramundane supranatural unfleshly unphysical selfish overbearing presumptuous imperious boastful self-important self-centered bloated conceited flatulent flaunting high and mighty magisterial narcissistic pontifical portentous puffy stuck-up supercilious uppity vain vainglorious highfaluting puffed up arty hollow assuming chichi conspicuous feigned flashy gaudy jazzy mincing specious la-di-da put-on swank overambitious too-too vocal articulate fluent glib mouthy overdone silver-tongued tumescent voluble hyperbolic haughty snooty condescending aloof patronizing arrogant persnickety remote snippy snotty swanky tony high-and-mighty high-hat putting on airs sniffy labored angular decorous forced genteel pedantic prim stiff unnatural wooden constrained eager enthusiastic excessive overweening opportunistic booming powerful resounding ringing full-voiced loud-voiced reverberating thundering hoity-toity elitist snobby
High flown antonyms
restrained humble quiet reserved insignificant unimportant lowly dishonorable base immoral dropped depressed down inferior poor undignified decreased lessened lowered pale pallid white plain inelaborate natural undecorated unornate unembellished unflowery unadorned unpretentious simple trivial unassuming moderate modest common unimposing unimpressive bad calm small cowardly timid meek afraid fearful shy weak factual real imperfect incorrect problematic pragmatic physical flawed wrong material practical usual unromantic uncreative unimaginative uninventive reasonable ordinary realistic dull unresourceful obvious objective concrete solid substantial kind unselfish honest genuine unconceited concise friendly benevolent sociable welcoming accepting generous relaxed true 
Usage of High flown in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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