High handed meaning in hindi | High handed ka matlab 

High handed meaning in hindi

How to pronounce High handed 
High handed synonyms
authoritarian dictatorial autocratic tyrannical oppressive ironhanded absolute despotic dogmatic downright flat out magisterial summary monocratic tyrannous no ifs ands or buts no joke straight out haughty presumptuous pretentious aloof cocky cavalier smug pompous assuming audacious cheeky conceited contemptuous cool disdainful egotistic insolent know-it-all lordly scornful self-important snippy snooty snotty supercilious superior uppity wise guy smarty biggety bragging cold-shoulder on an ego trip puffed up sniffy stuck up swaggering pushy commanding controlling overpowering strict iron-handed coercive imperial crack the whip on high horse in driver's seat highfalutin hoity-toity lofty snobbish stuck-up stuffy egotistical dominant bidding stern aggressive harsh powerful ordering exacting authoritative compulsory mandatory obligatory overweening required compulsatory assertive stubborn adamant biased bigoted bullheaded cocksure doctrinaire hard-line inflexible intransigent obdurate obstinate one-sided oracular pigheaded positive pragmatic prejudiced self-assertive single-minded uncompromising unyielding pragmatical locked in set in stone set-on tilted weighted officious paramount predominant preponderant prevalent regnant sovereign ascendant high-and-mighty binding categorical certain compelling decided decisive final finished firm fixed incontrovertible intolerant irrefutable rigorous severe stringent undeniable bloated boastful huffy narcissistic ostentatious self-satisfied dismissive brash wanton improper bold rude flagrant brazen outrageous immoral unprincipled abandoned arrant barefaced brassy depraved dissolute forward hardened immodest impudent incorrigible lewd profligate reprobate unchaste overbold unashamed boasting strutting blowing one's own horn on one's high horse blatant bald-faced brazenfaced
High handed antonyms
democratic circumspect rational reasonable reasoned supported timid unsure meek servile humble shy modest unconceited submissive surrendering yielding inessential optional unnecessary voluntary discretionary secondary free unrestrained fawning helpless obedient subservient weak indifferent open-minded compromising kind nice unassertive indulgent laid-back lax lenient easy-going mild moderate sad sorry careful cautious moral afraid fearful reserved decent gentle right good uncorrupt 
Usage of High handed in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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