High minded meaning in hindi | High minded ka matlab 

High minded meaning in hindi

How to pronounce High minded 
High minded ki paribhasha : jisaka doosara daavedaar na ho

High minded synonyms
virtuous ethical righteous grand baronial brilliant eminent glorious grandiose honorable imposing impressive lordly majestic monumental pompous regal resplendent superb venerable highfalutin' benevolent big bold brave considerate courageous courteous courtly gallant heroic intrepid manly polite quixotic spirited sublime valorous true gentlemanlike noble-minded scrupulous responsible strict principled incorruptible just pious straightforward conscionable high-principled inflated heavy elated exhilarated animated formal bright eloquent grandiloquent high-flown upstanding big-time illustrious honored exaggerated leading dignified astral excessive first highest ideal immodest intellectual number one outstanding overblown prestigious pretentious proud self-important superior top-drawer uplifting highest-ranking top-ranking good helpful fair charitable acceptable unselfish lavish thoughtful willing reasonable hospitable tolerant altruistic beneficent bountiful easy equitable excellent free kind kindhearted kindly loose moderate munificent philanthropic prodigal profuse unsparing bounteous greathearted open-handed soft-touch ungrudging major remarkable famous talented royal capital notable primary chief superlative main principal commanding distinguished famed idealistic noted noteworthy paramount prominent renowned puissant highly regarded genuine impartial decent sincere trustworthy authentic proper reliable forthright bona fide direct fair and square frank ingenuous on the level outright plain real reputable trusty unfeigned veracious above-board law-abiding lay it on the line like it is no lie on the up and up true blue undisguised upfront what you see is what you get permissive enlightened radical flexible lenient catholic broad humanitarian general avant-garde rational understanding left advanced broad-minded indulgent intelligent interested receiving receptive unbiased unconventional unorthodox unprejudiced humanistic reformist latitudinarian libertarian unbigoted ambitious cavalier condescending disdainful haughty insolent overbearing patronizing snooty supercilious selfless forgiving santa claus bighearted handsome openhanded knightly all heart has heart in right place striking sumptuous palatial gorgeous opulent towering splendid elegant glittering imperial luxurious plush posh radiant rich swanky transcendent arresting chivalric standout smashing kosher innocent meet aboveboard blameless chaste correct decorous dutiful exemplary immaculate laudable meritorious praiseworthy pure respectable saintly seemly true-blue truthful moralistic salt of the earth extraordinary humane gracious benign first-rate preeminent supreme sympathetic cultivated precise polished tasteful discriminating genteel delicate classy subtle sophisticated urbane exact discerning restrained aesthetic civil fastidious nice punctilious ritzy sensitive snazzy spiffy suave well-bred well-mannered finespun high-brow solemn massive ceremonial ceremonious deliberate imperious kingly measured portly stiff highfaluting queenly faithful circumspect unimpeachable up front legit big-hearted progressive freehanded
High minded antonyms
undignified cowardly frightened afraid fearful humble unchivalrous untrustworthy inexact irresponsible unscrupulous dishonest immoral unjust careless uncareful unconscientious corrupt vulgar insignificant unimportant lowly dishonorable base dropped depressed down inferior poor decreased lessened lowered subordinate condemned debased humiliated criticized denounced biased malevolent uncharitable unkind greedy selfish inattentive inconsiderate stupid miserly stingy depleted wanting disagreeable mean prejudiced unreasonable small unmindful thoughtless unremarkable inconspicuous contemptible minor extra nonessential inessential unnecessary auxiliary few miniature infamous powerless unknown ignorant menial unskilled unimpressive ordinary bad secondary little minute short uncelebrated weak counterfeit unreal deceptive insincere deceitful unfair unsuitable unreliable fraudulent lying misleading untruthful false devious partial treacherous intolerant specific conservative narrow-minded thrifty ungenerous lacking limited economical unobtrusive below beneath modest petty suspicious ignoble unsophisticated tiny homely ugly common regular second-rate unrefined offensive evil sinful fake inappropriate disreputable unethical unprincipled vile unfitting unrespected amoral usual unsympathetic servile normal inhumane severe unextraordinary unaristocratic uncritical inelegant uncultured uncivilized imprecise unstylish rough harsh undiscriminating dirtied polluted informal unstately disloyal inaccurate different fallen prone 
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The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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