High powered meaning in hindi | High powered ka matlab 

High powered meaning in hindi

How to pronounce High powered 
Usage of High powered: 1: We should adopt high powered marketing strategies. 2: 50 BMG a good choice for high powered sniper rifles.

High powered synonyms
authoritarian authoritative commanding controlling dominant dynamic effective effectual forceful forcible influential mighty potent robust ruling strong supreme weighty in control in the saddle acclaimed big eminent famed glorious great illustrious immortal important large notable number one outstanding popular preeminent prominent renowned storied well-known lionized revered laureate numero uno up there industrious vigorous spry powerful spirited lively active sprightly aggressive enterprising tireless animated breezy brisk driving fresh hardy indefatigable lusty peppy rugged snappy stalwart strenuous sturdy tough unflagging untiring vital vivacious ball of fire demoniac red-blooded praiseworthy admirable appreciable august big name big time commendable decent deserving excellent good honored laudable major league noble reputable reputed respectable respected sterling valuable valued venerable esteemed admired in limelight meretorious meritable palmary praisable well-thought-of heartfelt vehement zealous impassioned eloquent violent intense fierce poignant dramatic eager fiery heated ardent emotional expressive fervent affecting blazing burning deep fervid flaming frenzied glowing headlong hot impetuous impulsive inspiring melodramatic moving precipitate stimulated stirring thrilling warm wild high-pressure hotblooded quickened steamed up speedy chipper dashing full of energy full of life full of pep zestful zingy dynamical
High powered antonyms
inglorious unknown obscure plain inexalted idle inactive lazy lethargic impotent apathetic passive dispirited laid-back sluggish tired weak dull easy-going lifeless slow dishonorable inestimable insignificant unworthy bad poor indifferent impassive unconcerned feeble meek peaceful dispassionate uncaring unenthusiastic calm cool unexcited gentle mild moderate cold frigid happy unpassionate 
Usage of High powered in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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