High spirited meaning in hindi | High spirited ka matlab 

High spirited meaning in hindi

How to pronounce High spirited 
High spirited ki paribhasha : bali ka putr jo shaap ke kaaran gadha ho gaya tha

High spirited synonyms
lively merry fiery gallant jolly peppery pert forceful busy energetic diligent keen dynamic enthusiastic engaged alive eager determined resolute ready quick aggressive intense bold rapid daring pushing alert jumping whiz sharp agile animated assiduous brisk chipper dashing dexterous enterprising eventful forcible fresh industrious inventive nimble perky persevering purposeful sprightly spry zealous fireball bustling enlivened hard-working hyper on the move cheerful graceful cheery blithe fanciful flippant frolicsome gay happy nonchalant resilient volatile whimsical light-hearted peppy sparkling bubbling full of beans vibrant full of life zesty tenacious tough audacious gutsy fearless strong adventurous heroic spartan assured cool daredevil dauntless doughty game gritty hardy indomitable intrepid lionhearted martial nervy plucky stalwart stouthearted unafraid undaunted valorous venturesome adventuresome trojan fire-eating impavid red-blooded stand tall brash elated buoyant agitated effusive irrepressible excited exhilarated frothy zippy gushing chirpy in high spirits zestful gleeful hilarious joyous mirthful vital zingy adjustable flexible supple variable soaring yielding accommodating complaisant compliant expansive recuperative vigorous passionate ardent zappy feeling one's oats playful jumpy antic kittenish rollicking sportive wicked coltish gamesome larkish prankish romping impish devilish carefree jovial breezy careless cocky dapper debonair devil-may-care easy forward impetuous impudent jocose joking natty provocative reckless self-confident showy smart sporty spruce trim swaggering laid-back upbeat bright glad happy-go-lucky insouciant jocund joyful sunny blithesome feelgood lightsome brave burning hot mettlesome snappy rocking gingery full of spirit noble strong-willed assertive chivalrous grand great magnanimous powerful redoubtable self-reliant steadfast worthy puissant gutty lion-hearted undismayed scintillating swinging
High spirited antonyms
apathetic lifeless meek idle inactive lazy lethargic sluggish indifferent ignorant stupid disinterested dispirited irresolute cowardly uneducated abeyant dormant immobile inert quiescent weak quiet slow unenthusiastic dull afraid calm burdensome close closed oppressive stuffy heavy tired still listless flat timid cautious yielding fearful delicate gentle shy unadventurous mild faint-hearted fearing depressed down unhappy serious stale sober rigid inelastic unyielding intolerant inflexible stiff hard tense unflexible difficult unadaptable ungiving discouraged insufficient lacking wanting sad unexcited needing heavy-hearted upset worried troubled light cold cool unlively boring unattractive 
Usage of High spirited in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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