Hocus pocus meaning in hindi | Hocus pocus ka matlab 

Hocus pocus meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Hocus pocus 
Hocus pocus ki paribhasha : mithya vyavahaar jisase doosare ke man men mithya pratiti utpann ho

Hocus pocus synonyms
mystification nonsense hoax juggling artifice jargon cheating deception trickery delusion flimflam chicanery charm deceit swindle humbug chant rigmarole monkey business open sesame smoke and mirrors occultism conjuring mummery gobbledegook magic words infidelity falsehood duplicity mendacity treachery corruption graft falsity stealing racket double-dealing bunk faithlessness cunning infamy perfidy guile perfidiousness crookedness rascality hanky-panky improbity criminality unscrupulousness insidiousness wiliness fraudulence fourberie sharp practice scam blackmail misrepresentation extortion spuriousness fake sting shakedown sell string song skunk hustle sham song and dance dupery barratry bamboozlement duping fast one fast shuffle hoodwinking swindling babble drivel blather claptrap palaver gobbledygook balderdash prattle chatter scat twaddle double talk yammer blah-blah jinx enchantment bewitching allure double whammy evil eye hexing bewitchment conjuration semblance myth confusion image fantasy misconception hallucination pipe dream ghost rainbow bubble apparition mockery fancy invention chimera misapprehension error mirage make-believe daydream phantasm trip fallacy false impression head trip optical illusion seeming virtual reality paramnesia figment of imagination idolism ignus fatuus misbelief misimpression fool's paradise dã©jã  vu stratagem hypocrisy craftiness dissimulation pretension imitation wile impersonation ploy forgery quackery counterfeit maneuver masquerade phony feint spoof copy pretense fabrication ruse fiddle put-on gambit hymn hoodoo formula black magic rune wizardry ala kazam mumbo-jumbo calling command summons supplication entreaty appeal petition beseeching artfulness manipulation thaumaturgy alchemy mysticism divination devilry black art witchery talisman trance fascination whack glamour enchanting amulet exorcism mislead victimize deceive defraud delude screw gull outwit catch throw set up take in jive disinform double deal impose upon play for a fool pull wool over put one over on take for a ride obeah curse triple whammy charisma magnetism voodooism magic charm double-talk empty talk hogwash mere words obscuration prestidigitation escamotage phantasma deja vu will-o'-the-wisp deviousness
Hocus pocus antonyms
frankness honesty reality truthfulness uprightness fact sense standard honor openness faithfulness loyalty sincerity fairness scrupulousness fidelity forthrightness innocence artlessness entertainment justice being certainty correction event advantage aid profit benefit blessing help original revocation protect release let go be honest be serious goodness constancy 
Usage of Hocus pocus in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as or noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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