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Hold meaning in hindi

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As noun : अँटकना अंकूलना अएरना अधिकारी होना आयोजन करना आयोजित करना आलमन आसादन उज्जना खड़ा रहना खाटना खाव गतिभंग ग्राह जगह होना जलकिराट टिकना टिमकना ठट्टना ठवनापु ठहरना ठाहरना ठेना ठैहैरना डिख्ना त्रीघटना थागना धारण करना धारण कीये हुये होना निखूटनापु नियन्त्रित रखना निरथाना निर्णय देना पइहरना पकड़ना पकड‌़ पर रहना पर होना पसन्द करना पैँधना प्रतिरक्षा करना प्रधारण प्रातिधान बिलबना मंनना ‡ मकरपति मनना मन्ना मानना याद रखना रखना रच्ना रुकना रोके रखो विचार रखना शंखमुख संचालित करना संभाले रखना संयम में रखना संवृत्ति सकुचना सज्जकर्म सन्निवृत्ति सन्निवेश सन्यासन समाना समालंभ समासादन समुत्पत्ति सरभ स्थायी होना स‌ंधारण हजर हिरासत में रखना होना
Usage of Hold: 1: He had a heart big enough to hold no grudges,magnanimousgenerous toward his enemies. 2: he has a hold over them 3: Clampscan hold things tightly together. 4: She manages to hold down two jobs 5: There are"Agrade companies which hold the shares of other companies 6: Please hold reservations in the name of Mr.and Mrs.Gupta. 7: His ideas on population control hold the field" 8: Multinational companies are trying for the consolidation of their hold in the
Indian market.
9: Knowing all the facts I will not hold this against you. 10: He has the personality and presaence to hold audiences spellbound.
Hold ki paribhasha : jise paane ka hak ho kisi chalati hui vastu ki rokana pradhaan sattaarthak kriya kisi ko poojya, aadaraniy ya yogy samajhana kuchh kaal tak ke liye rahana pakadne ka kaam karaana shahad ki tarah ka ek prakaar ka mitha niryaas jo vaaans aadi kuchh vishesh vrakshon men se nikalata hai aur jisaka vyavahaar ke roop men hota hai jahaaj ki vah kothari jisamen maal rakha jaata hai maarg aadi na milane ke kaaran thahar jaana kisi vastu par ya kisi vastu ke andar doosari vastu sthit karana

Hold synonyms
grip influence dominance control pull occupancy tenure clutch clinch authority purchase dominion clout ownership clench tenacity occupation sway clasp retention enjoy seize keep arrest maintain take imprison carry detain occupy secure press nourish embrace cherish vise check fondle wield adhere cradle restrain cling confine hug handle contain stick catch squeeze wring cleave bind retain withhold trammel enclose bottle up hang on palm cork up freeze to keep close keep out lock up not let go put a lock on stay put buy okay consider credit feel regard aver entertain reckon esteem presume sense judge assume deem think view swear by bet bottom dollar have hunch have sneaking suspicion lap up lay money on set store by swear up and down take as gospel truth take stock in cross one's heart remain operate last persevere resist exist persist apply be in effect be in force be the case be valid have bearing hold good hold true remain true stand up stay staunch bolster shoulder buttress uphold prop sustain underpin shore up include accommodate seat comprise be equipped for call run celebrate convene assemble preside officiate solemnize carry on
Hold antonyms
weakness dispossession release lack need reject liberate ignore loosen exclude aid assist permit disbelieve forsake cease desert want lose give let go offer free neglect fail unfasten untie abandon allow help miss drop halt quit stop cancel refuse disregard mistrust forget leave give up avoid dodge weaken follow 
Usage of Hold in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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