Holding meaning in hindi | Holding ka matlab 

Holding meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Holding 
Usage of Holding: 1: The university is holding convocation in the interim. 2: He had a time holding back the tearso. 3: The girls are holding the train of the brides gown. 4: A priest is holding the tabernacle. 5: She was holding it over him 6: 6-3 after holding two match points at 6-0 7: Eurymedon the hierophant denounced Aristotle for not holding the gods in honor. 8: Slayer has been accused of holding Nazi sympathies 9: The batsman may ground the bat, provided he or she is holding it. 10: Despite his party holding a majority in the House and Senate
Holding ki paribhasha : kisi sthaavar sthaavar snpatti visheshata: bhoomi ke upayog ka adhikaarapatr jo svaami ki or se aasaami, kiraayedaar ya thekedaar ko diya jaay vah sthaan jahaaan ann boya jaata ho adhikaari hone ka bhaav vah chamade ka tasma ya rassi jisaka ek sira ghode, bail aadi jote jaanevaala jaanavaron ke gale men aur doosara sira us chij men bandha rahata hai jisamen jaanavar jote jaate hain

Holding synonyms
goods ownership equity claim estate house home plot inheritance holdings premises capital possession means farm acreage effects belongings land assets dominion acres buildings freehold chattels possessorship proprietar 
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The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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