Hungry meaning in hindi | Hungry ka matlab 

Hungry meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Hungry 
Usage of Hungry: 1: The hungry children devoured the food in the orphanage. 2: Im kinda hungry 3: The hungry army arrived as the beans ripened. 4: A hungry mouth 5: Character of the man who is hungry 6: hungry 7: hungry children do in the ground to play who will keep as walnuts, hazelnuts, beads, small coins, etc 8: hungry for glory, honor hungry, hungry for new 9: Starve means, figuratively, Having extremely hungry 10: They say even Soothe hungry, hungry Satisfy
Hungry ki paribhasha : jise bhojan ki prabal ichchha ho jise bhookh lagi ho tntrasaar men diye hue ek prakaar ke mntr jisake muanh men bahut adhik laalach ke kaaran paani bhar aaya ho

Hungry synonyms
eager keen greedy starved ravenous avid carnivorous covetous craving empty famished hankering hollow omnivorous rapacious unfilled unsatisfied voracious yearning athirst edacious hoggish piggish could eat a horse esurient famishing flying light got the munchies hungered insatiate on empty stomach
Hungry antonyms
replete satisfied stuffed unenthusiastic full satiated 
Usage of Hungry in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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