Ill equipped meaning in hindi | Ill equipped ka matlab 

Ill equipped meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Ill equipped 
Usage of Ill equipped: 1: he was fatally ill equipped for the climb

Ill equipped synonyms
unhealthy inappropriate unsuitable inadequate unlikely unsuited useless down dragging mistaken debilitated below par decrepit discordant feeble flimsy ill-suited improper inapplicable incompatible incongruous incorrect ineffective inexpedient infelicitous inharmonious poorly rocky unbecoming uncongenial valueless ill-equipped ill-adapted laid low not fit out of element out of place out of shape uncool unmeet unpromising can't make the grade ineligible incapable impotent unable unprepared incapacitated bungling amateur awkward bush league clumsy heavy-handed incompetent inefficient inept inexperienced inexpert maladjusted maladroit unskilled unskillful untrained weak unapt unpracticed unfitted blundering disqualified butter-fingered no good not cut out for not equal to not up to unhandy unproficient bush-league unequipped
Ill equipped antonyms
appropriate suitable willing proper fit qualified ready capable competent adequate strong prepared conditional indefinite temporary tentative 
Usage of Ill equipped in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi 
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