Ill tempered meaning in hindi | Ill tempered ka matlab 

Ill tempered meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Ill tempered 
Usage of Ill tempered: 1: He is an ill tempered person.
Ill tempered ki paribhasha : sngit men gndhaar svar ki do shrutiyon men se antim shruti thodi si baat par aprasann honevaala

Ill tempered synonyms
testy grumpy irascible cantankerous annoyed bad-tempered choleric crotchety nasty quick-tempered sharp snappy spiteful surly touchy vicious bearish enraged resentful offended irritable impassioned irate uptight sullen heated furious irritated bitter indignant displeased ferocious fierce fiery hateful huffy incensed inflamed infuriated provoked raging sore sulky tumultous/tumultuous turbulent wrathful ireful exasperated outraged affronted antagonized chafed convulsed exacerbated fuming galled maddened nettled piqued riled splenetic storming vexed uncivilized rude base blunt brusque crude crusty curt discourteous dour gruff harsh impolite loutish miserly oafish rustic snippy ugly uncultured unmannerly unpolished unsociable vulgar cloddish clodhopping cussed lowbred unneighborly acid acrid acrimonious awkward captious cranky cynical difficult fretful gloomy glum misanthropic peevish perverse petulant prickly saturnine snappish tart tough trying ill-humored nasty-tempered peeved faultfinding disagreeable fractious impatient jumpy put out querulous ratty tetchy caviling out of humor pettish discontented grumbling intense stormy animated ardent distracted eager enthusiastic excited fervent fervid impetuous lustful temperamental violent aroused hard vile dangerous malicious callous evil dirty rough sinking malign down contemptible despicable dishonorable formidable hard-nosed ignoble infamous knavish lousy perfidious pesky rotten rugged scurrilous shameless snide treacherous troublesome unfriendly unpleasant unscrupulous vexatious liverish low-down and dirty the lowest downcast melancholy capricious changeable crestfallen dismal doleful down in the mouth erratic fickle fitful flighty frowning impulsive introspective lugubrious mercurial miserable out of sorts pensive sad down in the dumps in a huff in the doldrums moping mournful blue dolorous taciturn troubled having blue devils having the blahs in a bad mood in a blue funk perversive singing the blues obstinate quarrelsome embittered jaundiced displeasing ill-natured on edge ungenerous unhappy grudging chuffy mumpish nagging hot-tempered volatile hot-blooded peckish short-fused
Ill tempered antonyms
pleasant happy nice cheerful pleased peaceful collected content joyful joyous calm cool mild polite polished refined sophisticated gentle animated good-natured satisfied complimentary praising freezing indifferent unfeeling old-fashioned out unpopular cold frigid moderate turned off kind friendly moral pleasing unselfish compassionate sensitive sympathetic safe decent upright agreeable clean generous noble extreme overjoyed balanced bright light-hearted optimistic uplifted helpful wonderful tasty cordial bland sweet amiable good-humored easygoing placid easy-going 
Usage of Ill tempered in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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