Immobility meaning in hindi | Immobility ka matlab 

Immobility meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Immobility 
Usage of Immobility: 1: By extension, some Eastern religions remained in immobility 2: It is in a state of immobility Complete 3: It was long believed to immobility of the earth 4: Keep in immobility 5: Table alive, Representation of a work of painting or sculpture, or a dramatic scene by characters who adopt a certain attitude and keep immobility

Immobility synonyms
laziness apathy sluggishness inactivity torpor torpidity lethargy sloth idleness listlessness stillness stupor lassitude languor indolence immobilization dullness unresponsiveness passivity paralysis drowsiness oscitancy deadness strength support cohesion security balance establishment resoluteness perseverance toughness durability permanence endurance aplomb soundness backbone solidity determination firmness constancy maturity assurance adherence steadfastness substantiality immovability solidness dependability
Immobility antonyms
animation busyness liveliness action activity life moving weakness doubt instability uncertainty unsteadiness spinelessness insecurity variability wavering lethargy 
Usage of Immobility in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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