Implement meaning in hindi | Implement ka matlab 

Implement meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Implement 
Usage of Implement: 1: Productive methods are invited to implement the project. 2: Many caches implement a compromise, and are described as set associative. 3: Most general purpose CPUs implement some form of virtual memory. 4: Acorn had to implement the Tube protocols on each processor chosen 5: Though it did not implement a federal system 6: Public bodies are required to prepare and implement a Welsh Language Scheme. 7: Many libraries implement computer programming aids 8: Licklider recruited Lawrence Roberts to head a project to implement a network 9: In order to implement the Schengen Agreement 10: The autonomy ensured by the Act enables the IITs to implement changes quickly
Implement ki paribhasha : hinduon ke anusaakar RRishiyon aur muniyon aadi ke banaaye hue ve praachin grnth jinamen logon ke hit ke liye anek prakaar ke kartavy batalaaye gae hain aur anuchit kratyon ka nishedh kiya gaya hai ve yntr jinase vaigyaanika, injiniyara, chhaatra, lohaara, badhai aadi apana kaam karate hain kisi kaary ke liye saadhan svaroop aavashyak vastuean pretaadi aatmaaon ko bulaane ya vashibhoot karanevaala haath se pakadkar kaam men laane ki saadhanavastu

Implement synonyms
utensil gadget appliance instrument contraption apparatus machine equipment contrivance device resolve complete enforce carry out realize achieve materialize execute enable invoke perform actualize effect fulfill bring about make good make possible provide the means put into effect
Implement antonyms
ignore prevent cease delay hinder pause forget give up neglect stop fail lose miss halt cancel 
Usage of Implement in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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