Impressive meaning in hindi | Impressive ka matlab 

Impressive meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Impressive 
Usage of Impressive: 1: As impressive as Ruth's 1921 numbers were 2: The Libyan intervention demonstrated an impressive logistical ability 3: Petersburg is a set for Interdevochka , featuring impressive shots of the city. 4: Austerlitz is acknowledged as an impressive military victory 5: The film made impressive use of non-linear time 6: As impressive as the comet was, it could have been much more impressive. 7: Byzantium looked impressive 8: All major cities in Argentina have impressive theaters or opera houses 9: The National Palace is one of the most impressive buildings in Nicaragua. 10: 2007 Q3 — 10.8% growth in GDP reflects the impressive economic development.

Impressive synonyms
thrilling splendid remarkable profound imposing dramatic notable superb extraordinary monumental important massive exciting intense absorbing affecting august awe-inspiring consequential cool deep effective eloquent excited forcible grand impassioned lavish luxurious majestic momentous moving noble penetrating prime rousing stately stirring striking sumptuous touching towering vital arresting well-done
Impressive antonyms
insignificant usual unremarkable trivial unimportant unexciting commonplace inconsequential ineffective poor ordinary normal mild moderate unimposing unimpressive little small weak 
Usage of Impressive in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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