Improve meaning in hindi | Improve ka matlab 

Improve meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Improve 
Usage of Improve: 1: There is a need to improve the situation. 2: The government takes steps to improve the economy of our country. 3: your performance will improve dramatically 4: He begged his friends to mediate with the authorities to improve the situation. 5: Decentralization will improve the situation of public transport in our country. 6: Of course, things will improve . 7: He sought to improve relations with the West – especially the United States – 8: The church also embarked on new efforts to improve Christian unity. 9: The EU is working to improve cross-border infrastructure within the EU 10: They initiated projects to improve the colony's infrastructure

Improve synonyms
advance upgrade develop help reform rise recover revamp increase lift progress enhance promote boost correct revise raise polish augment rectify amend edit recuperate purify update civilize rally elevate emend refine skyrocket convalesce ameliorate cultivate sharpen gain ground look up perk up pick up take off touch up come around doctor up make strides set right shape up straighten out turn the corner
Improve antonyms
recede retreat retrogress decrease repress lessen hinder worsen deteriorate demote ruin damage corrupt dirty pollute weaken destroy harm injure halt stop hurt descend lower decline drop lose diminish depress reduce blow dull 
Usage of Improve in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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