In opposition meaning in hindi | In opposition ka matlab 

In opposition meaning in hindi

How to pronounce In opposition 
Usage of In opposition: 1: After nine years in opposition and academia 2: They were sometimes combined together in opposition to the roots of the tree 3: Klingsor set himself up in opposition to the Kingdom of the Grail 4: contradicted, in the plural, in terms of Palace, says that one of the parts provides in opposition to those of the opposing party 5: Have you addressed celle- There? She also works in opposition latter to distinguish two people or objects in question and we have before us 6: He told mainly in opposition to Tardif, of varieties of plants, fruits or flowers that develop earlier than fruits or flowers of the same species 7: In terms of Jurisprudence, DONE is said in opposition to Right 8: In terms of Motoring, BODY means, in opposition to FRAME see this word, All that, in a car, not for mechanical 9: It also says in opposition to the Spirit in the various figurative meanings that precede 10: It also works in opposition to Patient
In opposition ki paribhasha : saath snvatsaron men se pachisavaaan snvatsar

In opposition synonyms
conservative preservative uptight arresting resistive thwarting foiling averting forestalling preventive balking checking coping with defending frustrating guarding interrupting protecting safeguarding warding off withstanding allergic antipathetic antithetical averse clashing conflicting confronting contrary counter crossing disagreeing enemy facing hostile incompatible inimical irreconcilable opposite repelling restrictive rival warring antonymous against the grain at cross-purposes at odds battling combating controverting denying disputed disputing dissentient exposing gainsaying objecting obstructive protesting up against distasteful vile objectionable disgusting odious abhorrent contradictory abominable revolting adverse alien antagonistic creepy different disagreeable extraneous extrinsic foreign foul hateful inconsistent invidious loathsome nasty nauseating noisome offensive repellent sickening unfriendly horrid inconsonant revulsive unconformable unfitted contrarily on the other hand to the contrary adversarial
In opposition antonyms
unwary unwatchful undefensive unprotective assisting compatible similar aiding helping pleasant pleasing delightful friendly agreeable nice good likeable kind in favor of 
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The word is used as adjective adverb in english grammar. The word can be used as or noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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