In the mood meaning in hindi | In the mood ka matlab 

In the mood meaning in hindi

How to pronounce In the mood 
Usage of In the mood: 1: Are you in the mood for go for a walk, to work, to do something? It is not in the mood to be governed 2: be in the mood to play, run 3: Get in the mood to do something 4: Having pungency in the mood 5: He something naive in the mood in the minds 6: It is said to the contrary, Not being in the mood 7: This girl is in the mood lutine 8: To be in the mood to do well is especially said of the happy frame of mind sometimes found those who work with imagination and genius, as poets, painters, musicians, etc 9: , If you feel like it, if you're in the mood to do that 10: , It is a strange body, is said of someone who is in the mood

In the mood synonyms
apt prone tending given disposed predisposed bent on likely amenable prepared responsible pleased eager active enthusiastic happy prompt voluntary fair deliberate accommodating content game forward feeling cheerful compliant desirous energetic favorable intentional like-minded obedient reliable tractable unasked willful zealous unforced consenting go along with in accord with in favor unbidden well-disposed witting
In the mood antonyms
unwilling irresponsible apathetic disinterested indifferent disinclined unprepared unenthusiastic unready disagreeable 
Usage of In the mood in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi 
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